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Mobile Device Detection

This simple tool shows how simply we can detect if page is accessed using mobile device, tablet or maybe desktop browser.

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MD5 Generator

Generate MD5 hashes, also with "salt" concatenation.

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Base64 Encode / Decode

Encode and decode data using Base64.

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SHA1 Generator

SHA1 hashing function online (also with salt generator).

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URL Encoder and Decoder

Decode / Encode URLs - urlencode() and urldecode() functions online.

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Browser Info

Get basic information about your browser, user agent, screen.

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My IP Number

What is my IP number? Just check ...

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Online Slug Creator

Generate "slug" for input text. Used for example to create permalinks.

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Chars Counter (strlen function online)

Count characters in the text. The strlen() function available always at hand.

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Words Counter

Counts words in the text.

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Seconds to HH:MM:SS Converter

The tool converts a number of seconds in human readable time (Hours/Minutes/Seconds - HMS).

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Password Generator and Strength Meter

Generate good and secure password. Check the strength of generated password!

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Meta Tags Extractor

With this tool you can easily extract meta-tags from website.

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Link Extractor

Read and list all links / URLs from website.

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UNIX Time Converter

The tool convert Unix timestamp value to a human readable form.

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Color Picker

Pick the color.

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